Bob Moore Construction Client Testimonials

And Now, a Word From Our Clients

Over the past six decades we have served as general contractor, design / build contractor and construction manager for some of the best known companies in the United States, as well as the country's leading commercial property developers and real estate owners.

Below is a selection of recent construction projects and feedback from our clients. Click any project for more information.


Jim Whelan, American LightAmerican Light Showroom

Fort Worth, Texas
Size: 20,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Mercantile Partners
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Retail / Warehouse
Architect: RDF Architects and After Image and Space

"The new showroom is tremendous. It's great for me to walk in every day to such a beautiful facility and hear the comments from customers, visitors and employees alike. . . Working with Bob Moore Construction was terrific. We had a tight timeframe to be in our new space. The superintendents and project manager really stayed on top of things to get it done on time. Bob Moore was a pleasure to do business with."

Jim Whelan
Branch Manager
American Light

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ATC Freightliner

Dallas, Texas
Size: 200,308 SF
Owner / Developer: Around The Clock Freightliner Group, LLC
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Office / Retail / Warehouse / Vehicle Service
Architect: Fitzgerald and Associates

John Miciotto, ATC Freightliner

"[The buildings] exceed all of our original expectations. The feedback we have received has been nothing but overwhelming praise from customers, vendors and employees. Our customers tell us there's not another commercial heavy-duty truck dealership like ours anywhere in the U.S.

"There were many variables under consideration in our decision as to which General Contractor we would end up doing business with. While the total project cost was important, cost alone did not drive us to do business with Bob Moore Construction. It was also about our comfort level with the professionalism, knowledge and experience of the entire team at Bob Moore Construction plus the time frame in which they committed to complete the project. Our architect, Phil Fitzgerald, who has designed and built truck dealerships, bowling allies, and office complexes all over the U.S., said that he has never seen a General Contractor as structured and organized as Bob Moore Construction. I was most impressed with the Bob Moore team's ability to make quick and accurate decisions on the spot with limited notice. If we were to ever build another facility, there's no question Bob Moore Construction would be a general contractor of choice."

John Miciotto
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
ATC Freightliner

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Brad Shepherd, Best BuyBest Buy Retail Store

Mansfield, Texas
30,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Kossman Development Company
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Retail Store

"This store features the latest and greatest that Best Buy has to offer. The store is designed to make shopping for even the most technological things as easy as possible for any consumer, and it looks very, very nice . . . Sometimes construction can be a nightmare but this project has been very smooth. I've been very impressed with our initial walk-through and with the site superintendents' professionalism."

Brad Shepherd
New Store Opening Manager
Best Buy

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CIGNA Office Building / Call Center

Denison, Texas
140,000 SF
Owner / Developer: CMC Commercial Realty Group
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Office / Call Center

Steve Huff, Senior Vice President of CMC Commercial Realty Group"The tenants' feedback has been phenomenal. The finishes and grade of product are far superior to what they were used to, and it has the kitchen, dining and workout facilities as well. They didn't have those things before so they were very excited with it. The building turned out well beyond our expectations and it was on time and on budget. Bob Moore has a great staff with Ed McGuire (Vice President of Construction) and Stacy Langston (Superintendent). Greg Holland (Construction Coordinator) came in and did a fantastic job to finish it up. I don't think we've had a project go better from start to finish.

"I've worked with Ed McGuire for ten to 12 years. We're practically joined at the hip - we can talk to each other frankly if we need to. Because we've worked together for a long time, we understand how each other works and operates. What we've established with Bob Moore Construction is our ability to deal with complications that arise on a job site. We've always enjoyed a strong relationship and we'll enjoy that relationship for years to come."

Steve Huff
Senior Vice President
CMC / Commercial Realty Group

Salil Gaitonde, Vice President of CMC Commercial Realty Group"We're very proud of the CIGNA building. The job Bob Moore Construction did was amazing, as always. We feel that it's a good building to showcase in our portfolio. Ed McGuire (Vice President of Construction) was very hands-on in directing the project. We feel very fortunate to have Ed in this. To have someone at his level at every project meeting, that says a lot about Bob Moore Construction's attention to us as a customer."

Salil Gaitonde
Vice President
CMC / Commercial Realty Group

» Press Release: CIGNA Office Building / Call Center in Denison, Texas


Chris Cline, Cinemark USACinemark 12 Movie Theater

Mansfield, Texas
42,265 SF
Owner / Developer: Kossman Development Company
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Retail Store / Movie Theater
Architect: Beck Architecture

"We're very happy with the work Bob Moore Construction did. The superintendents and everyone involved were very professional and the quality of workmanship is just outstanding. It was a big deal for us that Bob Moore Construction could get the theater done ahead of schedule, in time for the movie's release. We originally planned to open July 10 but the City of Mansfield wanted us to open by July 4. Then with the upcoming release of the summer's biggest blockbuster, we wanted to move it up to June 29. It meant a lot to us and to the city and everyone else that we could do that."

Chris Cline
Project Manager
Cinemark USA

» Cinemark 12 Theater Press Release at General


Brian Flaherty, Seefried PropertiesCoaster Company of America

Fort Worth, Texas
Size: 405,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Seefried Properties
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Distribution Center / Office / Warehouse
Architect: Realacorp America

"Bob Moore worked hard to win our business and their performance and commitment to quality earned them the right to be one our preferred contractors on future projects. They were very professional throughout the process and understand the unique requirements of a build-to-suit project. I know Coaster is very satisfied with their new facility which means we're very satisfied with Bob Moore."

Brian Flaherty
Directory of Development
Seefried Properties

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Jim Collier, James Collier PropertiesCol-Met Spray Booths

Rockwall, Texas
Size: 131,000 SF
Owner / Developer: James Collier Properties
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Manufacturing / Office
Architect: Hardy Mccullah/MLM Architects, Inc.

"We had several companies bid on this project,. The bids were pretty close. It got down to who we were most comfortable with. We chose Bob Moore Construction and I'm glad we did. They did a great job on the building. The project was completed on schedule and we were ready for the clients to move in the first week of April."

Jim Collier
James Collier Properties

» Col-Met Spray Booths Press Release at General


Dura-Tech Processes Manufacturing Facility

Mansfield, Texas
Size: 57,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Dura-Tech Processes
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Manufacturing
Architect: Alliance Architects

"The whole Bob Moore Construction experience was something we never had before. We have gone through three facility expansion projects in the past and this was by far the most well-oiled, well organized pleasant experience we’ve ever had. The difference between this and previous projects was night and day.

"Randy Portales (superintendent) was always available and he always knew what was going on. Kyle Whitesell was great. We were impressed with him when we first met him and he was extremely well organized from that point on. He was always present, always ready to get involved.

"We never had a concern about following up with Bob Moore Construction. If anything, they were calling us to follow up on things. They made building a lot easier."

Adam Hubbell
Dura-Tech Processes

» Dura-Tech Processes Press Release


Norman Coates, Hardy Mccullah/MLM ArchitectsEverest College (Corinthian College)

Fort Worth, Texas
Size: 67,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Mercantile Partners
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Office
Architect: Hardy Mccullah/MLM Architects, Inc.

"This was a design/build project that required a great deal of coordination. The visual presence of the building is excellent. I think people were pleasantly surprised with just how good the building looks. . . Working with Bob Moore Construction is always good. We have worked together on so many projects that when challenges arise, solutions just seem to come together. We have a good rapport with Ed McGuire, Phillip Bell and all the people at Bob Moore."

Norman Coates
Project Manager
Hardy McCullah/MLM Architects

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First Garland Business Center Phase II

Ed Kepner, Development Manager of First Industrial Realty TrustGarland, Texas
435,180 SF
Owner / Developer: First Industrial Realty Trust
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Warehouse / Distribution Center

"I've been fortunate enough to do several buildings with Bob Moore Construction and it's always a great experience. I'm always amazed at the professionalism of their people. I'm always pleased with end result."

Ed Kepner
Development Manager
First Industrial Realty Trust

» Press Release: First Garland Business Center Phase II in Garland, Texas



San Antonio, Texas
Size: 80,000 SF
Owner / Developer: CMC - Commercial Realty Group
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Call Center / Office Building
Architect: Hardy McCullah/MLM Architects / Rehler Vaughn & Koone, Inc.

Jesse Pruitt and Subash Gaitonde, CMC - Commercial Realty Group

"We have used Bob Moore Construction exclusively since we founded our company in 1990. We stay with the relationship because of the quality service they provide."

Jesse Pruitt
Partner / Principal
CMC - Commercial Realty Group

"Jesse and I worked with Bob Moore Construction before CMC was formed, in the mid-1980s. We hired Bob Moore Construction for a single project, and they did a great job. We used them again, and again. When we formed CMC in 1990 we stayed with Bob Moore and have ever since. Today, 20 years later, we view Bob Moore Construction as an extension of our own team when we present to clients."

Subash Gaitonde
Partner / Principal
CMC - Commercial Realty Group

» KCI R&D Lab Press Release at General


Dana Schmidt, Development Manager for First Industrial Development ServicesKysor Panel Systems Office / Manufacturing / Distribution Center

Fort Worth, Texas
201,500 SF
Architect: Pross Design Group
Developer/Owner: Mercantile Partners
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Manufacturing / Office / Distribution Center

"We chose Bob Moore Construction because they have a reputation for building quality buildings, on time. Bob Moore Construction met our high expectations. You couldn't ask for better project management on a project. Superintendents Steve Barrons and David Splawn also did a great job. The building was finished seven days early, and there have been very few matters to address after we moved in; that has been a big deal for us."

David Frase
Kysor Panel Systems


Barbara Fife, Mercantile Partners"Bob Moore Construction approaches every project as a team member, and is a valuable contributor in reaching positive solutions to issues as they arise during the course of a project. These attributes, as well as their ability to contribute in the early design stages of a project or build-to-suit facility, have been instrumental in the long-standing relationship between Bob Moore Construction and Mercantile. I have personally worked with the Bob Moore Construction Team for 15 years and find them to be professional and knowledgeable in the construction / development needs of a project. They understand the high standards of quality that Mercantile requires in its buildings."

Barbara Fife
Vice President - Development
Mercantile Partners

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Don Pendergrass, Libbey GlassLibbey Glass

Shreveport, Louisiana
Size: 646,000 SF
Owner / Developer: First Industrial Realty Trust
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Distribution Center / Warehouse
Architect: Hardy Mccullah/MLM Architects, Inc.

"For those who have seen this new facility, the response has generally been the same: 'Wow!' Libbey will be moving into a first class facility.

"Bob Moore Construction is an impressive company, Anyone who has dealt with the construction of such a facility knows how tough a job it can be. They made it look easy and, of course, it's not. They ran a tight ship, holding their own crews and subcontractors to a high standard. Their professionalism goes much more than skin deep; it's part of their culture. President Phillip Bell, Vice President of Construction, Ed McGuire and Site Superintendent Stacy Langston are all exceptional individuals."

Don Pendergrass
Shreveport Logistics Manager
Libbey Glass

» Libbey Glass Distribution Center Press Release at General


Longhorn Harley-Davidson Dealership

Grand Prairie, Texas
38,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Grand Prairie Properties, LLC
Role: Design / Build Contractor
Building Type: Retail Store

Alfred Keeling, Longhorn Harley-Davidson Retail Store in Grand Prairie, Texas

"We have received so many comments about the building, our customers saying how fabulous it is. There were many aspects of the building that were important to us. We wanted to stick with the Texas theme for the décor. We wanted to make sure we had maintenance free flooring that would last. I want this building to look as good ten years from now as it does now. It was important to make sure the layout flowed well and we used the space efficiently. One of our main priorities is service and the new service area is tremendous. I'm ecstatic with it and the employees think it's a dream come true.

"We couldn't be happier with Bob Moore Construction. Curt Hellen is very detail-oriented and he has the respect of his subcontractors. Ed McGuire (Vice President of Construction) and Greg Dalhaug both did a great job as well. We had to move in on time and they made it happen. This building was a dream of mine and I'm very proud of how it turned out. The ultimate compliment I can give is that in two years when we get ready to build another new dealership, I already know that Bob Moore Construction will be doing it for us."

Alfred Keeling
Longhorn Harley-Davidson

» Press Release: Longhorn Harley-Davidson Retail Store in Grand Prairie, Texas


Hal Hardister, Mercantile Partners

Mercantile Distribution Centers 11, 12 and 13

Fort Worth, Texas
Size: 380,900 SF
Owner / Developer: Mercantile Partners, LP
Building Type: Distribution Center
Role: General Contractor
Architect: Hardy McCullah/MLM Architects, Inc.

"Bob Moore has once again met our expectations with the completion of Phase 1 of our newest office/warehouse planned development. After achieving 100% occupancy in our existing industrial buildings the push began to complete additional speculative space. Bob Moore was selected to build our newest buildings because of its ability to assist with the design effort by maintaining the budget and adhering to an aggressive schedule. MDC 11, 12 and 13 were constructed with the quality expected of Bob Moore and delivered as promised. Mercantile Partners are extremely pleased with the new product and look forward to our future successes."

"Bob Moore Construction continues to be an integral partner in our business park. Our relationship has grown over years due to their outstanding staff and attention to details. The onsite superintendents and project managers assigned to our projects are always cognizant of the schedule, budget and quality of our facilities. Mercantile Partners rarely has any ongoing maintenance issues because of Bob Moore's attention to the overall functionality of each detail of the building. This attitude is what separates Bob Moore from other contractors and has made them a partner is our development and not just a service provider."

Hal Hardister
Director of Development
Mercantile Partners, L.P.

» Mercantile Distribution Centers 11, 12 and 13 Press Release at General


Gary Carter, Miller ElectricMiller Electric Finish-Out / Riverpark 300 Distribution Center

Fort Worth, Texas
55,000 SF / 300,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Seefried Properties
Role: General Contractor for Finish-Out and Building Construction
Building Type: Distribution Center / Warehouse / Training Center
Architect: Teague Nall & Perkins (Civil Engineering) and Realacorp America (A/E and Structural Design)

"Project Manager Kyle Whitesell did a great job. The home office is really happy with our building. We got up and running very quickly as well. With Kyle’s help we got the racking installed and the floor striping painted so fast we saved over 120 man-hours and started operating almost immediately . . . Working with Bob Moore Construction was just outstanding - We couldn't have asked for more."

Gary Carter
Operations Manager
Miller Electric

» Miller Electric / Riverpark 300 Press Release at General


Mouser Electronics Office Building / Warehouse / Distribution Center

Mansfield, Texas
231,800 SF
Owner / Developer: Mouser Electronics
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Office / Data Center / Call Center / Warehouse / Distribution Center

"Everybody is amazed by the building. Our customers and suppliers have been very impressed with the quality. This is especially impressive considering that the project was done so closely to our existing facility. Our global operations are run through this building and it was essential that our employees were not impacted by construction noise, dust or interruption to our power systems. Bob Moore Construction made this a real priority, and was extremely sensitive to not interrupting our work. They worked a lot of nights and weekends, working around our schedule so we didn't have to work around theirs.

"Bob Moore Construction was very easy to work with and I was very impressed with how safety was maintained on the jobsite. Bob Moore’s team did a great job managing the project – from keeping the project on track and maintaining the pace, to coordinating the weekly meetings and all the details. We chose Bob Moore Construction as our general contractor because we felt they could do the project right and complete it in the shortest time possible. We made the right choice."

Glenn Smith
President & CEO
Mouser Electronics

» Press Release: Mouser Electronics Debuts Dramatic Office and Warehouse Facilities in Mansfield, Texas


Northern Tool & Equipment

Grand Prairie, Texas
Size: 25,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Centdev Properties
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Retail
Architect: JKLA, Inc.

Brian Graham, Northern Tool & Equipment and  Robin Broocks, Centdev Properties

"I'm very impressed with the building. Everything looks excellent. The front façade really looks great. We've already received several comments on it. The schedule was very important to us. Bob Moore's team did an excellent job of working with the subcontractors, coordinating and organizing everything to work together and get it done on time."

Brian Graham
Construction Project Manager
Northern Tool & Equipment

"This project was an experiment for us. Instead of using the normal submittal process, we got everyone together - Northern Tool, the subcontractors, Bob Moore - and had a submittal party. . . That worked very well, having everyone together, working through it very quickly. This was also the first time we've used tiltwall construction on a Northern Tool project. I'm happy with how well it worked, and how fast it was. It was amazing how quickly the building went up. I was impressed with how Bob Moore's team managed the process and coordinated with everyone. Everyone at Bob Moore was very professional."

Robin Broocks
Director of Project Management
Centdev Properties

» Northern Tool & Equipment Press Release at General


Doug Williamson, Origen FinancialOrigen Financial

Fort Worth, Texas
Size: 40,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Mercantile Partners
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Office
Architect: Hardy McCullah/MLM Architects

"We were able to tie many tenant improvements directly into the shell development and value-engineer a variety of features. Our employees are just overwhelmed because the suite is beautiful, so much better than what we had before. They're so thankful for how the suite looks and the way it was designed and built."

Doug Williamson
Vice President - Servicing Operations
Origen Financial

» Origen Financial Press Release at General


Bill Colello, Rooms To GoRooms To Go

Arlington, Texas
Size: 851,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Logan Dallas Associates, LP
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Distribution Center
Architect: Horton, Harley & Carter, Inc.

"It's hard to really appreciate the size of this building. You need to see the aerial photograph to truly get a perspective on just how big it is! . . . I'm very pleased with the building. Bob Moore Construction had an excellent team for this project. Ed McGuire, Larry Knox and the rest of the team were great to work with and were key to how smooth and successful everything went. This project was actually a pleasure."

Bill Colello
Senior Project Manager

» Rooms To Go Press Release at General


Jon Thompson, Tandy Leather Retail StoreTandy Leather Retail Store

Fort Worth, Texas
Size: 23,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Tandy Leather
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Retail Store
Architect: Alliance Architects

"This was our second time to work with Bob Moore Construction and we wanted to do this project with them because of their professionalism on the first project they did for us. They really went out of their way to make sure we were happy with every aspect of the building process."

Jon Thompson
Tandy Leather

» Tandy Leather Retail Store Press Release


Steven Bradford, Trammell Crow CompanyTrammell Crow Company Air CargoCentre™ III and AirFreight & LogisticsCentres™

Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport - Dallas, Texas
395,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Trammell Crow Company
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Distribution Center

"Response to the buildings has been exceptional. The project has been extremely well received by all the international carriers and received great reviews from third party handling companies. DFW Airport views this as a successful, high profile project which will provide long term benefits for the airport and its customers.

"We worked with several people at Bob Moore Construction, all the way up to Phillip Bell, the president. We found the organization to be extremely professional, responsive, highly qualified and competent. Kyle Whitesell is the essence of customer service, which is why everyone on our team likes to work with him."

Steven Bradford
Trammell Crow Company


Robert Brandt, Trammell Crow Company, Dallas / Fort Worth

"The new facilities will serve a huge role for the domestic and international air cargo shipping business at the airport. They fill the last available spot on the west side of the airport, which is an excellent location with good access to adjacent freeways. They're state of the art facilities and are the first in the country to support the Airbus A380 aircraft, so they're very well positioned for the future in many respects.

"I loved working with Kyle Whitesell. He was a huge support and played a key role in developing our budgets. Throughout the project, Kyle was always very accessible. I could almost always get him on the phone, and he was always responsive to my calls about budgeting and scheduling, which developers love. That's key for a developer for determining whether a project has any legs or not."

Robert Brandt
Senior VP of Development Services
Trammell Crow Company, Dallas / Fort Worth

» Air CargoCentre™ III and AirFreight & LogisticsCentres™ Press Release at General


Trane Company

Fort Worth, Texas
Size: 49,000 SF
Owner / Developer: Mercantile Partners
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Office / Training Center / Retail Store / Warehouse
Architect: Page Southerland Page, Hardy McCullah/MLM Architects

"The facility is beautiful, everything we hoped it would be. The customer training center is state-of-the-art, and that's important because we have a huge training program in Dallas / Fort Worth. The Parts Center is laid out to be very customer-friendly and the finish-out is beautiful. We certainly believe the new location will help us grow our business in the future."

Terry Stevens
Vice President of Business Strategy
Trane Company

Barbara Fife, Mercantile Partners

""With a critical move-in date, we chose Bob Moore Construction to handle the construction based upon their past record of successful projects with us. They completed the space in budget and on time, allowing Trane to move into their new home as planned . . . During the past 15 years, Bob Moore Construction has completed 17 shell buildings and numerous large interior finish-out projects in Mercantile Center. They believe in building it right the first time and establish that same benchmark standard for their subcontractors. Bob Moore's professionalism, expertise, ethics and team approach on a project make the journey a more pleasant experience and help ensure success for others associated with the job."

Barbara Fife
Vice President, Development
Mercantile Partners

» Trane Company Press Release at General


Twinrose Regent I & II

Rebecca Tudor, Principal, Twinrose DevelopmentDFW Airport, Irving, Texas
316,500 SF
Owner / Developer: Twinrose Development
Role: General Contractor
Building Type: Warehouse / Distribution Center

"We think the two buildings are Class A facilities. They have higher level design features that are mandatory in the park and the construction quality was excellent. We've received nothing but positive feedback; we're pleased and proud of how they turned out.

"The experience of working with Bob Moore Construction was exceptional. (Senior Project Manager) Kyle Whitesell, (Vice President of Construction) Ed McGuire and (Site Superintendent) Ed Ronk were all very responsive throughout the process. For my first experience with a large construction project they were very helpful and made sure I was comfortable with each step of the project."

Rebecca Tudor
Twinrose Development

» Press Release: Twinrose Regent I & II at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport in Irving, Texas


Dana Schmidt, Development Manager for First Industrial Development ServicesWaxahachie Distribution Center

Waxahachie, Texas
201,500 SF
Owner / Developer: First Industrial Realty Trust
Building Type: Distribution Center

"The tenant is looking forward to getting in and starting operations. We're very pleased with the building as well . . . It was an excellent experience working with Bob Moore Construction. The site superintendent was great. He really handled things very well. Every developer likes it when you get one call a week from the jobsite with an update rather than four calls per day about problems. It was just a very smooth project. We've worked with Bob Moore Construction in the past and hope to work more together in the future."

Dana Schmidt
Development Manager
First Industrial Development Services

» Waxahachie Distribution Center Press Release at General