Dura-Tech Processes Manufacturing Facility

57,000 SF equipment plating facility with bridge cranes and below-ground containment system.

Dura-Tech Processes Manufacturing Facility

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Project Summary

Manufacturing facility custom-designed for Dura-Tech Processes to support plating process for the oil and petroleum industry, with seven bridge cranes, a below-floor containment system and other features.

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    • Manufacturing
    • Steel Building
    • Tilt-Up Construction
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  • Owner / Developer: Dura-Tech Processes
    Architect: Alliance Architects

Project Detail

The Dura-Tech Processes manufacturing building provides 57,000 SF of custom-designed production space for the plating of tubing, rollers and other equipment used in the oil and petroleum industry. Constructed with tilt-up construction, the manufacturing facility features a 30-foot clear-height ceiling. The floor is sloped to support the facility's custom-engineered containment system and is covered with a highly durable epoxy coating to provide many years of use in this industrial environment. An extended catwalk provides access to elevated equipment and seven five-ton bridge cranes are mounted overhead. The space includes an interior loading dock, several offices, a break room and an employee locker room. A large mezzanine area provides additional secured storage space.

Dura-Tech's new manufacturing facility includes a backup generator system and a boiler system. The interior is fully painted and the exterior is completed with a two-tone gray color scheme with blue accent lines.

This manufacturing building was constructed within 15 feet of another business that was in full operation during construction. Due to the tight quarters and limited working space, we created the tilt-up panels on the interior of the new building's space and stood them, and then put in the containment system and the floor; this is the reverse of the usual process but was necessary due to the lack of working space outside the building at the jobsite. Given the limited working area we coordinated the delivery of materials and construction equipment with the property owners to minimize disruption to the traffic flow in the industrial community.


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Dura-Tech Processes Manufacturing - Mansfield, Texas



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  • The whole Bob Moore Construction experience was something we never had before. We have gone through three facility expansion projects in the past and this was by far the most well-oiled, well organized pleasant experience we’ve ever had. The difference between this and previous projects was night and day.

    - Adam Hubbell, President, Dura-Tech Processes, Inc.
  • Randy Portales (superintendent) was always available and he always knew what was going on. Kyle Whitesell (project manager) was great. We were impressed with Kyle when we first met him and he was extremely well organized from that point on. He was always present, always ready to get involved. We never had a concern about following up with Bob Moore Construction. If anything, they were calling us to follow up on things. They made the building process a lot easier.

    - Adam Hubbell, President, Dura-Tech Processes, Inc.

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