Construction White Papers and Articles

Construction White Papers and Articles

We have provided a library of construction articles that offer historical information about important commercial construction projects as well as construction white papers that provide technical information on tilt-up construction, safety, green building and more.

Construction White Papers

CIGNA Regional Offices Building: A Phased Construction Schedule Overcomes Weather and an Undeveloped Jobsite - When finished, the CIGNA Office Building would provide a dramatic new home for the company's regional operations and the scheduled completion date was critical. With 23% of the construction days lost to the rainiest spring in Texas's history and a completely undeveloped location with no infrastructure for the building, however, the initial schedule seemed unrealistic. This paper discusses the challenges to the schedule presented by significant days lost to weather and an undeveloped job site and how those challenges were overcome with a phased construction schedule, tilt-up construction and a collaborative relationship with the project's developer.

Mouser Electronics: Delivering a Successful Construction Project at a Location With Extensive Ongoing Client Operations - The Mouser Electronics Expansion project in Mansfield, Texas presented a unique challenge: The 231,800 SF project was built in close proximity to several hundred Mouser employees and several million dollars worth of sensitive inventory and equipment in the warehouse and administrative departments. This technical paper describes how we addressed the challenge of conducting an extensive construction project in close proximity to ongoing business operations and employees to deliver an award-winning project.

Trammell Crow Company CargoCentre™ III and AirFreight & LogisticsCentres™ Complex: Overcoming the Regulatory, Security and Safety Challenges of Construction in an International Airport - Few environments present a wider range of regulatory requirements, safety and security considerations and other complexities to a contractor than a major commercial airport that originates and lands hundreds of flights every day. The CargoCentre™ III and AirFreight & LogisticsCentres™ complex is located at the intersection of two active runways at DFW Airport, with an active air cargo facility on the third side of the tract. This paper describes how we addressed the various challenges inherent to working in this difficult and hazardous environment to deliver an award-winning project.

Pioneer 360 Business Center: Overcoming the Unique Challenges of Infill Development to Deliver a Gold LEED for Core & Shell Project - Infill development is the use of land within a built-up area for further construction, focusing on the reuse and replacement of obsolete or underutilized buildings and sites. Infill development presents unique challenges to a construction company. The Pioneer 360 Business Center is a dramatic three-building, 1.16 Million SF business complex in Arlington, Texas that was constructed on a previously developed property in the midst of older retail and commercial building facilities. A major portion of the project was the demolition of an 800,000 SF abandoned mall that covered much of the property. This paper describes how we addressed the challenges of demolition and subsequent construction of Pioneer 360 Business Center as part of an infill development program and delivered a LEED Gold Certified project.


Construction Safety:

Construction Safety: Planning, Training and Inspections - General contractors manage a variety of considerations as they oversee a building's construction. One of the most important concerns a general contractor must control, particularly in the construction industry, is safety. This article explains how planning, training and inspection play a critical role in the implementation of a superior safety program.


Construction Costs and Cost Estimating:

Construction Cost Estimating Presents New Challenges - 2004 and 2005 were two years marked by dramatic extremes for our economy and the construction industry. As a result, this period may be one of the most volatile on record when it comes to pricing of construction supplies, materials and services. This article discusses the types of factors that contribute to the volatility of construction costs and what business owners and developers can do to keep construction costs within budget.


The Association of General Contractors (AGC):

The following series of articles provides an in-depth look at the AGC and its North/East Texas chapter, QUOIN.

What is the Association of General Contractors? - A brief history of the National AGC and the local chapters in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Local AGC Chapters Merge into QUOIN - In 1987 there were separate AGC chapters in East Texas, Dallas and Fort Worth. By 2001 the three groups had merged into one chapter, named QUOIN. Where did the name 'QUOIN' come from? What exactly is a QUOIN?

Today's QUOIN and AGC - QUOIN has come a long way from the local group that resolved labor issues in the community. QUOIN is currently very active in the areas of government coordination, OSHA and environmental regulatory compliance and training and education.

Bob Moore Construction and QUOIN - Bob Moore Construction is an active member of QUOIN and AGC, serving on boards, supporting fund-raising activities and sponsoring the annual Region V Student Design/Build Competition.

QUOIN's Success - QUOIN's efforts over the years have made a significant impact on the Metroplex and the local construction industry.

AGC and QUOIN - The Complete Article - This is the complete article on AGC and QUOIN on one page.


Tilt-up Construction / Tiltwall Construction / Precast Concrete:

The following series of articles provides an in-depth look at tilt-up construction, explaining its history, process, benefits and Bob Moore Construction's expertise in this innovative technology.

Tilt-up Construction: A General Contractor's Approach to Innovative Commercial Building Construction - An introduction to this series of articles which explain why tilt-up construction is an innovative method for building commercial facilities with amazing speed, safety, and cost benefits.

An Old Idea for General Contractors With New Innovations - A brief historical overview of tilt-up construction. While the general idea behind tilt-up construction has been around since the Roman Empire, technological innovations and historical events worked together to lead general contractors to embrace this method of construction in the 20th Century.

What is Tilt-up Construction? How Are Tiltwall Buildings Constructed? - This article briefly explains the process of tilt-up construction.

Precast Concrete, Tilt-up Construction and Tilt wall: What's the Difference in These Terms? - This article explains the differences between the tilt-up building and the precast concrete building processes.

Why do Design/Build Contractors Choose Tilt-up Construction? - Tiltwall construction offers many benefits to the business owner, most involving construction costs and long term building quality, which is why it is the construction method of choice for many knowledgeable general contractors.

Tiltwall and Bob Moore Construction - Tilt-up construction has been a major component of Bob Moore Construction's philosophy of delivering quality buildings, on time and in budget, since the 1970s. As a leading general contractor and construction manager in Dallas, Fort Worth, North Texas and across the United States, Bob Moore Construction is a member of the Tilt-up Concrete Association (TCA) and the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

Tilt-up Construction - The Complete Article - This is the complete article on tilt-up construction on one page.


Prefabricated Steel Buildings:

Prefabricated Steel Buildings Provide an Economical Construction Alternative - The term "steel building" is often associated with simple storage sheds and basic structures. With advancements in the industry over the past forty years, however, steel buildings have broken that stereotype and are being used for an ever-growing list of larger and more complex applications.

Steel Building Advantages - Steel offers several advantages to general contractors and building owners, for the right types of project applications.

When Does Concrete Make More Sense? - There are several factors that may make other methods of construction, most notably tilt-up construction, a better choice than steel buildings.

Steel and Concrete Together: Using the Strengths of Each - An important fact to remember is that the use of steel in building is not necessarily exclusive of concrete or blocks. In larger or more sophisticated projects the different raw materials and construction methods are frequently used together.

Steel Buildings - The Right Choice for the Right Construction Projects - Not surprisingly, there are many factors that influence what type of building is right for any particular situation. Steel buildings provide an excellent alternative for many applications.

Prefabricated Steel Buildings Complete Article - This is the complete article on prefabricated steel buildings on one page.


Articles - Historic Construction Projects:

A look back on important commercial construction projects in the United States.

Disneyland and Disney World - A father's experience of taking his daughters to an amusement park leads to the creation of a multi-billion dollar industry. Impossible? Not when the father is Walt Disney. Learn how this amazing visionary created the theme park concept and redefined amusement park construction and entertainment real estate development forever.

Empire State Building - Legend has it that this building, perhaps the most famous building in the world, was the result of one man's rivalry with another man.

Hoover Dam - Measuring 1244 feet wide, this amazing concrete structure now powers Las Vegas and much of the Southwest.

Interstate Highway System - Often overlooked as an important construction project, America's interstate highway system was designated as one of the Seven Wonders of the United States in 1994 by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

New York City Subway - Construction workers built this amazing subway system under the second largest city in the world.

Transcontinental Railroad - In the 1850s, courageous construction workers built the transcontinental railroad starting from both coasts and working inwards, meeting in Utah's Promontory Summit.