Flex / Tech Building Construction Projects

Flex / Tech Building Construction Project Showcase

Flex / Tech Building: A facility designed to accomodate a wide range of businesses. Frequently located in business parks or multi-building business centers, flex / tech buildings frequently house an assortment of unrelated businesses in separate suites. As such, a flex / tech building must be flexible enough to support a wide range of business activities. It will incorporate the features of other types of buildings: e.g., the storage space of a warehouse, utilities infrastructure for call centers or data centers, superior exterior finish and environmental controls for a retail store, etc.

A comparitively new type of commercial building, a flex / tech construction project requires the general contractor to have knowledge of and experience with many different types of buildings. Bob Moore Construction’s diverse experience with warehouses, office buildings, distribution centers, call centers and other types of facilities allows us to build highly successful flex / tech buildings that meet the needs of a wide range of tenant businesses. Property developer companies like CMC – Commercial Realty Group and Mercantile Partners who specialize in flex / tech buildings rely on our experience time after time, because they are confident that Bob Moore Construction has the expertise to deliver quality buildings that have the flexibility to meet all their tenants’ needs.

Below is a list of flex / tech construction projects by Bob Moore Construction. Other types of buildings, including call centers, warehouses, distribution centers, industrial buildings, retail stores, office buildings, data centers and manufacturing facilities are listed on separate pages.


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