Manufacturing Facility Construction Projects

Manufacturing Facility Construction Project Showcase

Manufacturing Facility: An industrial building where raw materials or parts are assembled in large quantities into finished products, which are packaged for shipment to wholesalers or distributors.

Bob Moore Construction has constructed manufacturing buildings for the production of everything from tortillas to missile systems. The Leo’s Foods building in Fort Worth conforms to Health Department and USFDA specifications and produces 30,000 tortillas per hour. LTV Corp presented entirely different challenges for their missile system manufacturing building, which required extensive security standards as well as a highly automated work environment as is typical for a high-tech facility. A testament to the quality of our service, Leo’s Foods and LTV Corp have both returned to Bob Moore Construction for subsequent expansion and new building construction projects. Bob Moore Construction has the experience to deliver a quality manufacturing construction project, regardless what products are being produced, and our clients return to us time after time because they value our project management and construction expertise.

Below is a list of manufacturing building construction projects by Bob Moore Construction. Other types of buildings, including call centers, warehouses, distribution centers, industrial buildings, retail stores, flex / tech buildings, data centers and office buildings are listed on separate pages.


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