Warehouse Construction Projects

Warehouse Construction Project Showcase

Warehouse: A large building where raw materials or manufactured goods may be stored. Warehouse buildings are frequently co-located with other types of facilities, such as distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

Warehouse construction has been a staple of Bob Moore Construction’s project showcase for decades. Warehouses used to be fairly straight-forward construction projects, but over time the requirements for these facilities have become more complex. Warehouse design now involves new advancements in inventory control and other types of automation. The Roe/McCollister Warehouse, for example, employs a fully automated picking system used to retrieve stored computer components. Warehouses are often co-located with other functions, such as the Frankford Trade Center Building VI, where warehousing operations share the same building with administrative offices and various industrial processes. Warehousing is sometimes even combined with retail stores, as in the case of the American Light Showroom.

Whether the client’s need is as simple as a basic “big box” or as complex as an integrated facility that supports various commercial and industrial functions, Bob Moore Construction has the experience and expertise to deliver a quality building to meet that need. In recognition of Bob Moore Construction’s leadership and expertise in industrial and warehouse construction, the company was selected as the AGC General Contractor of the Year and has received numerous other honors, including the AGC Summit Award for Excellence in Industrial / Warehouse Construction.

Below is a list of warehouse new construction projects from Bob Moore Construction. Other types of buildings, including call centers, distribution centers, industrial buildings, retail stores, flex tech buildings, office buildings, data centers and manufacturing facilities are listed on separate pages.


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