Arboretum Village

Lincoln Property Company

Location: Dallas, Texas

The Arboretum Village shopping plaza is an 80,000 SF multi-tenant retail location in Dallas. Built to accommodate up to eight separate stores, the Arboretum Village plaza is a complete renovation and rebuild of an existing multi-use building constructed in the late 1960s. The new plaza includes three anchor stores – The Fresh Market, PetSmart and Ace Hardware – which were finished out by other contractors as our work was being completed.

The Arboretum Village is built with a blend of brick and CMU walls, which were left from the existing building, and new tilt-up construction for the front face of the building.

As part of the renovation we removed the front wall and the first 80 feet from the existing building to bring the structure into the design standards preferred by modern retailers. The project also included the removal of interior walls and the existing roof and a complete restoration and refinish of the existing side and back walls.

The tiltwall panels across the front were created with varying heights and finished with combinations of stone, plaster EEFIS, paint and metal canopies to present eight different design patterns that help to delineate the various stores.

As part of this project we removed the existing parking area and replaced it with 250,000 SF of new parking lots with 20 parking lot islands and 48 light poles as well as drive lanes around the building.


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