GAF Materials Corporation

GAF Materials Corp.

Location: Gainesville, Texas

Bob Moore Construction was the design / build contractor for a new tiltwall building for the manufacture of poly-ISO insulation board, constructed next to GAF’s existing manufacturing building in Gainesville, Texas.

The new manufacturing facility is an independent building with its own offices, loading bays, restrooms and employee break areas, tied into the existing building with canopies. It includes 50,000+ SF of production space that houses a custom-designed assembly line for creating and packaging the insulation boards. The remaining 150,000 SF is dedicated to the warehousing of packaged insulation boards for distribution through one of four loading docks, restrooms and employee break areas.

The foundation features multiple custom-designed equipment foundation pads to support the massive production equipment.

As part of the construction project, Bob Moore Construction built a tank farm with six tanks and associated containment systems inside the building. Each tank is large enough to hold the contents of one rail tanker car; because the tanks were so large, Bob Moore Construction was forced to leave a space open in the roof to bring them into the tank farm area. Once the tanks were properly positioned and installed the roof could then be completed.

The project also included significant expansion and enhancement of the rail yard area adjacent to the new building, including the construction of a new containment system for a large outdoor chemical silo.

This project required extensive groundwork and MEP work to the site. Construction took place in close proximity to active manufacturing processes, requiring significant communication with GAF’s truck drivers, employees and management to ensure existing production work was not disrupted.

In 2021, Bob Moore Construction was asked to return to Gainesville for a 400,000 square-foot new building, adding to the existing manufacturing compound.


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