About Hurricane Harbor

Summer in Texas is characterized by extremely high temperatures and high humidity levels. Given that your kids are home during this period, why not escape the stifling temperatures while bonding with the ones you love by visiting Hurricane Harbor by Six Flags in Arlington?

Hurricane Harbor is a massive water park with different attractions that exemplifies one of the best feats of human engineering. This park has some of the best and most sensational water rides and slides in the nation. If you are looking for the perfect vacation spot to cool off, blow off some steam or experience an adrenaline rush, this water park is the location you have been looking for.

At Hurricane Harbor, there is something for everyone. From rides for kids, adults and some that can accommodate the entire family, you are not likely to experience a dull moment.

If you are visiting this park, you can either enroll for park membership, or acquire a one-day ticket at the gate. Membership is divided into different cadres and it allows you to have exclusive access to some of the most exquisite park attractions and VIP treatment. If you are looking for a place to bond as a team, you can acquire group tickets.

After experiencing the rush of the over 40 rides and slides in the park, you can relax at one of the tastefully furnished private cabanas and enjoy a sumptuous meal and your drinks of choice in the company of your loved ones.

The Hurricane Harbor has ample parking for all visitors but it is best that you book your parking pass online before your visit to avoid long queues when acquiring a pass at the gate.

Ticket prices for entry to this water park usually vary depending on the season. If you book your visit ahead, you are more likely to find great discounts and special offers.

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