Distribution Center Construction Projects

Distribution Center Construction Project Showcase

Distribution Center: A warehouse and shipment facility that receives merchandise from multiple sources for the purpose of short-term storage, sorting, repacking and selective distribution to retail stores or customers. A distribution center supports high volumes of traffic, with large amounts of merchandise coming into the building and shipping out shortly thereafter. As such, this type of facility is characterized by advanced inventory control and storage systems, multiple loading/unloading access points and substantial warehousing capability.

Bob Moore Construction has a long, successful history with the new planned construction of distribution centers. Many of our distribution centers include the most modern technological innovations, including advanced inventory control and conveyor systems, and are built to exacting health and safety standards necessary for the storage and handling of perishable foods. We have built this type of facility throughout Texas and all across the United States, for renowned American companies like Rooms To Go, Blockbuster, Haggar Clothing Company, Pier 1 Imports – even United Parcel Service. In recognition of Bob Moore Construction’s leadership and expertise in industrial and distribution center construction, the company was selected as the AGC General Contractor of the Year and has received numerous other honors, including the AGC Summit Award for Excellence in Industrial / Warehouse Construction.

Below is a list of Bob Moore Construction distribution center construction projects. Other types of buildings, including call centers, warehouses, industrial buildings, retail stores, flex tech buildings, office buildings data centers and manufacturing facilities are listed on separate pages.


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