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Interiors / Finish-out Construction Project Showcase

Interior Finish-out: A phase of construction that takes place in conjunction with a new commercial construction project or separately, as an expansion or upgrade to an existing building. The interior of a building is constructed and finished to present a specific look or image and support the function of the tenant.

The interior and finish-out puts the right “face” on a commercial building. In some cases, the design calls for stone-tiled floors, grand staircases, exquisite wall coverings and other features to provide a luxurious look to the facility. Some tenants want a highly modern look, with unique materials like rolled steel and aircraft cable handrails and curved staircases, or a rustic appearance with distressed metal and wood accents throughout the interior. In other cases, such as finish-outs for large chain retailers, the tenants have strict schedules and design standards right down to the brands of paint and light fixtures to ensure their newest facility matches exactly the look and feel of their other properties around the country. Still others are designed to support the function of the tenant, with clean rooms for medical or food work, strict environmental controls for data centers, etc.

Bob Moore Construction has delivered quality interiors and finish-outs from coast to coast. The award-winning Mouser Electronics project featured a dramatic 3000 SF rotunda with a modern industrial feel. Longhorn Harley-Davidson featured a rustic design, with painted floors, distressed corrugated metal and 100 year-old wood. Projects like Best Buy, Michaels, Cinemark and ten different Garden Ridge stores demanded consistency and strict adherence to the companies’ design standards and delivery schedules for their properties. In each case Bob Moore Construction delivered the interior finish-out the tenants required to present exactly the right look for their building’s interior.

If you are interested in an interior finish-out, as part of a new building construction or as an upgrade / expansion to an existing commercial facility, please look through the examples of our interior work below. Then contact Kyle Whitesell or Larry Knox at (817) 640-1200, or if you prefer, reach us online with our contact form.

Below is a list of interior and finish-out construction projects from Bob Moore Construction.


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