Parking Garage / Parking Lot Construction Projects

Parking Garage / Parking Lot Construction Project Showcase

Most people look at parking garages or parking lots without giving them a second thought. Building owners, tenants and real estate developers know differently.

The Medtronic call center's four-story parking garage in San Antonio Texas, from design build contractor Bob Moore Construction

An inadequate, outdated or poorly planned parking garage or parking lot can cause a variety of problems:

  • Inadequate parking might mean employees or customers don’t have enough parking spaces, causing substantial frustration.
  • Old or poorly built parking areas can result in significant ongoing cost of ownership or damage to vehicles if they require constant maintenance and repair.
  • Parking lots that were improperly engineered or that have shifted can cause pooling or improper run-off of stormwater, which can shorten the lifespan of the parking area or cause foundation issues for surrounding facilities.
  • Improperly designed parking facilities may not comply with regulatory requirements such as the Americans With Disabilities Act, leaving the owner or tenant open to fines or lawsuits.

Real estate developers and business owners understand that good parking facilities can save money, improve their environmental impact, avoid costs, enhance security, reduce risk, appeal to customers and improve employee retention.

Parking garage and parking lot construction demands the same attention to detail, understanding of regulatory requirements, good business practices and proper design as the buildings they support. When you need a parking garage or parking lot for your new or existing facility, you want a general contractor with the experience and expertise to deliver a quality parking area to meet your needs and provide long-term quality and value.

Bob Moore Construction has served as general contractor and design/build contractor in the construction of parking garages and parking lots as stand-alone projects or in conjunction with the construction of call centers, office buildings, retail properties and other types of commercial buildings for decades. These projects range from:

  • complex, open parking areas for large facilities like Cigna’s regional call center in Denison, Texas and underground parking space like the Mercantile three-story office building in Fort Worth
  • large parking areas for a major retail complex in Mansfield, Texas
  • four-story parking garage with lighting and security features for Medtronic’s call center in San Antonio
  • spacious parking areas for semi trailers and 18-wheelers for ATC Freightliner in Dallas
  • aircraft parking ramp for the Air CargoCentre™ III at DFW Airport – the first facility and aircraft tarmac in the United States designed to support the massive Airbus 380 aircraft

Bob Moore Construction has served as general contractor or design / build contractor on dozens of projects that involved significant parking area construction. The following projects showcase just a small sample of the parking facility construction projects we have successfully created:


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