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Safety - General Contractor Bob Moore Construction

Now a Member of the OSHA Local Partnership Program . . .

Bob Moore Construction's safety program is so successful that we have signed a formal agreement with OSHA to become a member of the OSHA Local Partnership program.
Bob Moore Construction and OSHA sign the OSHA Local Partnership Agreement.

Bob Moore Construction views jobsite safety as a moral imperative as well as a legal requirement. Our safety program is so successful that we have been accepted as a accepted as a member of the OSHA Local Partnership program, only the fifth general contractors in north and east Texas to earn this recognition. Because of the stringent requirements needed to qualify as a Local Partner, contractors who are part of the select group of local OSHA Partners are automatically rolled into OSHA's state Partnership program as well. Read the release Bob Moore Construction Selected as Member of OSHA Partnership for more information about this program.

Our acceptance as an OSHA Local Partner is the latest indication that Bob Moore Construction's safety program ranks at the top for commercial construction companies in Texas.

Leadership in Construction Safety

Our employees have served in many leadership roles with safety organizations, including the Safety Leadership Resource Group for QUOIN, the local chapter of the Association of General Contractors (AGC), and the prestigious AGC / Texas Building Branch Safety Committee in Austin, Texas. The Texas Building Board Safety Committee is an AGC working group of safety directors from the top general contractors in Texas, intended to influence safety laws and standards at the state and federal level. The committee develops and provides input on compliance standards and safety-related legislation on behalf of the state of Texas. The state then incorporates the committee's recommendations into their own legislative actives and coordinates the findings with OSHA in Washington DC.

We have also served on the Safety Board for the Tilt-up Concrete Association (TCA), supporting construction safety initiatives on a national level.

Our internal safety committee recommended various initiatives to improve jobsite safety well above OSHA standards. Some of the committee's initiatives which have been implemented include a "three strikes and you're out" rule for significant safety violations, a six foot rule on fall protection and protection requirements for excavations four feet deep or more.

An Award-Winning
Safety Director

In April, 2008 Dino Sideris was named QUOIN / AGC's Safety Director of the Year. Judging for the Safety Director of the Year award was based on the candidates' demonstrated technical expertise and professional contributions to advance the safety profession, such as public/community services and involvement in codes and legislation. Please read the press release for more information!

Every Bob Moore Construction site superintendent has received OSHA 30-Hour Training, is qualified in first aid and CPR and is undergoing the process to receive American Concrete Institute's Tiltwall Concrete Supervisor Certification. Subcontractors who work on our projects are now required to perform internal inspections of tools, equipment and personal protective gear. This requirement will ensure that all workers on our jobsites are furnished with adequate mechanical safeguards and personal protective equipment.

We have also implemented a QUOIN-developed program for tracking safety inspections at its various jobsites, called DBO2. Superintendents and project managers have been equipped with Personal Data Assistants, which they use to document inspection results and corrective actions. These results are transmitted by email to keep employees at all levels informed and involved in the safety process, and inspection reports are discussed in every company staff meeting. DBO2 reports also help subcontractors to detect trends that could represent systems or processes requiring training or modification.

Through the use of the latest technologies, aggressive employee training and the implementation of enforceable standards for employees and subcontractors, we have created a bellwether safety program for the Texas general contractor community. Rather than simply focusing on meeting OSHA standards, we have mobilized a comprehensive safety program designed to identify and correct potential hazards before they result in damage to property or personal injury or death to any workers, and we are taking our message of "making safety the normal way of doing business" to construction jobsites all around Texas.

NOTE: The Bob Moore Construction Safety Manual is available online.

Bob Moore Construction's safety program is so successful that we have signed a formal agreement with OSHA to become a member of the OSHA Local Partnership program.

More Information on Our Safety Program:

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