Office Building Construction Projects

Office Building Construction Project Showcase

Office Building: A commercial building used primarily for business administrative operations. Office building operations are frequently co-located with other business functions, such as warehousing, retail, call centers or data centers or manufacturing. These administrative facilities frequently serve as corporate headquarters or business centers, and as such must meet strict aesthetic as well as functional design requirements.

The term “office building” covers a wide range of commercial facilities. In many cases, these buildings serve as corporate or regional headquarters – like the Pizza Inn Corporate Headquarters or the American Paint Horse Association building. These administrative facilities require a polished, professional finish-out to ensure the building presents the right image for the tenant. Many office buildings have very specific requirements; for example, the LTV Building required extensive security features and standards to ensure the protection of classified information, and Corinthian College needed a particular interior design to support highly automated classrooms. In other cases, the offices are built into the same structure as other functions, as in the case of the Col-Met Spray Booths or the Mary Kay Cosmetics Office / Warehouse. Regardless the type of administrative building needed, Bob Moore Construction has extensive experience in building office construction projects that meet the tenant’s specific needs.

Below is a list of office construction projects by Bob Moore Construction. Other types of buildings, including call centers, warehouses, distribution centers, industrial buildings, retail stores, flex / tech buildings, data centers and manufacturing facilities are listed on separate pages.


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