Retail Store Construction Projects

Retail Store Construction Project Showcase

Retail Store: A commercial building that serves as the location for consumers to purchase products or materials from the merchant.

Retail buildings come in all sizes, from small suites in flex / tech buildings to strip plazas and retail centers to stand-alone mega-stores that offer several acres of floor space. The design for a retail store is heavily dependent on the products being marketed. For example, the American Light Showroom required significant electrical wiring and an “industrial” look to support dozens of different types of lighting technologies, displayed in real-world commercial / industrial settings. Larger retailers have incorporated these factors into a standardized design for their stores as part of their branding process. Garden Ridge employed a blend of steel building construction and tilt-up construction in their architecture that is consistent from store to store. This layout establishes a single “look” for Garden Ridge stores that also supports the home decor retailer’s high volume of sales and diverse product selection.

Bob Moore Construction has delivered quality retail buildings and finish-outs for many years, from a 25,000 SF building for Northern Tool and Equipment to ten separate Garden Ridge stores in four states – one of every six Garden Ridge retail locations in the United States were built by Bob Moore Construction. Our construction project management specialists can deliver a retail building that showcases the tenant’s products and supports their continued growth. A mark of distinction for retail buildings, Bob Moore Construction has received numerous honors, including the Best Of Award from Texas Construction Magazine for Sports / Entertainment Facility Construction for the Cinemark USA Movie Theater project in Mansfield, Texas.

Below is a list of retail store construction projects by Bob Moore Construction. Other types of buildings, including call centers, warehouses, distribution centers, industrial buildings, Retail Stores, flex / tech buildings, data centers and manufacturing facilities are listed on separate pages.


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