Steel Building Construction Projects

Steel Building Construction Project Showcase

Steel Building: A structure built from pre-engineered or prefabricated pieces of steel. In general steel buildings have been well suited historically for smaller construction projects like storage sheds, grain storage facilities and airplane hangers. More recently steel has found its way into advanced farm buildings, riding arenas, commercial centers and more. Innovative general contractors often employ a mix of metal building technologies with conventional concrete block or tiltwall construction to deliver larger buildings that provide quality commercial buildings while keeping construction costs at a manageable level.

Since 1946, Bob Moore Construction has been a leading commercial general contractor involved with steel buildings in Texas and nationwide. Through the 1970s the majority of our projects were prefabricated steel buildings. Since then, we have used our extensive experience with metal buildings in a more integrated approach with tiltwall construction and concrete building construction. In general steel buildings in the modern world offer value in many structures smaller than 50,000 SF. For larger commercial construction projects, a blend of steel building construction and conventional concrete or tilt-up construction provides the best mix of quality and focus on construction costs. For example, ATC Freightliner in Dallas Texas included a blending of pre-engineered structural steel and a standing seam roof system, with a conventional insulated tiltwall system supported by drilled piers. (For more information please read the article Prefabricated Steel Buildings Provide an Economical Construction Alternative.)

Our project managers are well versed in the benefits of each type of construction and can help guide our clients to the right type of building – whether that is prefabricated steel, tilt-up concrete or a blend of the technologies.

Below is a partial list of recent construction projects that employed steel building technologies. Tilt-up construction and precast concrete buildings are listed on a separate page.


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