Interpoint Distribution Center

Skyhawk Partners

Location: Wilmer, Texas

Bob Moore Construction was the general contractor for Skyhawk Partners’ Interpoint distribution center located in Wilmer, Texas.

This tilt-up construction building spans 350,000 SF along Interstate 45 North. Built to support up to two tenants, it features 84 loading bays in a cross-dock configuration. Two independent entrances at the northeast and southhwest corners feature metal composite canopies with storefront windows. The property includes 700 linear feet of concrete block retaining walls up to 11 feet in height.

During the construction of this project, Bob Moore Construction created several value engineering enhancements, delivering a half million dollars of savings to the developer. These enhancements included:

  • Removed water tank from the original plans by investigating water pressure water flow from city main and determining the tank wasn’t necessary.
  • Shifted the building to reduce earthwork costs and allow construction of a less expensive retaining wall.
  • Raised the finished floor elevation to reduce earthwork costs.
    • Converted plans from reinforced concrete pipes (RCP) to high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes to reduce material costs.

2022 Update

In 2022, Skyhawk Partners asked Bob Moore Construction to return to Interpoint to build a 12.75 acre Parking Lot to meet the logistical demands for a new building tenant.


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