Jupiter Miller Business Center

Langford Property Co. / CPF Jupiter JV, LLC.

Location: Garland, Texas

Jupiter Miller Business Park transformed the former Raytheon site into a LEED-certified three building 40 acre campus developed by Eric Langford and Brian Flaherty with Bob Moore Construction serving as the General Contractor. “Over 1 million square feet of obsolete facilities had to be demolished or re-purposed,” said Flaherty. “It had groundwater contamination from an old airport that used to be there, and it had a decent amount of asbestos that had to be treated. It’s not as easy as just knocking buildings down.”

The 765,000 sqft three building campus will house multiple tenants, including 329,000 sqft to the first US manufacturing facility for Ontario-based Quest Window Systems. This one tenant is expected to bring 320 new jobs to the local community.

“Redevelopment projects like this have their own unique challenges,” said Kyle Whitesell, Executive Vice President of Bob Moore Construction. “Our portfolio includes several redevelopment projects – most recently the award-winning Arboretum Village shopping center in Dallas. The exciting part for me will be completing the buildings and then seeing how they bring a whole new level of energy and business opportunity to their surrounding community. Projects like this have a major impact on the local area, the city and the entire Metroplex, and I’m always proud when we can participate in making that happen.”


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