The Grand at StoneCreek

CLX Ventures

Location: San Marcos, Texas

The Grand at StoneCreek is a seven-building multifamily complex, located at San Marcos’ StoneCreek Crossing shopping center, consisting of 267 units spanning over 215,000 square feet.

Larry Knox, Executive Vice President of Bob Moore Construction, said “Everyone at Bob Moore Construction is excited for the opportunity to work with Brad Copeland and the entire CLX team again. After the successful completion of The Grand on Beach, we were eager to continue the relationship with CLX Ventures, which The Grand at Stone Creek will allow us to do.”

“In addition, The Grand at StoneCreek will be our third entry in the multifamily sector. We’re thrilled to be able to continue to show our expertise in Bob Moore’s newest sector,” Knox said. Stone

The Grand at StoneCreek, modeled architecturally after The Grand on Beach, is Bob Moore Construction’s second project with CLX Ventures along with BGO Architects.

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