Rent the Runway Arlington, TX

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Location: Arlington, Texas

After construction completed on the Bardin B shell, Bob Moore Construction was introduced to the team at Rent the Runway. The 10-year old New Jersey based online subscription business shipping designer purses and couture dresses to customers across the country. “We have from very high-formality things that you would see on the red carpet all the way down to what you would wear to go to happy hour with your friends,” said Marv Cunningham, chief operating officer. When demand outpaced its New Jersey office, Rent the Runway chose Arlington out of five other cities across the country to serve its West Coast and Midwest operations. Because Bob Moore Construction worked on the shell, both teams found it advantageous for the Arlington-based General Contractor continue on the interior finish-out for Rent the Runway.

“It’s very exciting and job creation is one of the most important things to be happening in any city,” said Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams. With more than 200 jobs already filled, Rent the Runway expects to have more than 500 employees at the Arlington facility by the end of 2019. “We are excited to be able to work with a modern and fast growing company like Rent the Runway. Knowing that our work will support a company bringing over 500 new jobs to our hometown of Arlington is really a great feeling,” said Kyle Whitesell, Executive Vice President of Bob Moore Construction.

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